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Many days and night trading football horse racing golf greyhounds nfl you name it i have spent too many long hours to count, i have had ups and downs, elation and desperation on my long road of trading i dont profess to know all, but have a lot of experience and knowledge of the art of trading if you want to call it an art!! more like a labour of love.I enjoy trading pitting my wits and knowlege against other traders and the opinions of the bookmakers to get the elusive edge.The art is getting that green screen and take what you have dont get greedy!!.Im no college prof or pc geek just a trader of sports .ask me how to trade the stock market i would run a mile im also a sports nut dont play anymore those days have passed me by.but watch most sports avidly.wich helps me .Not always !!!.If you think you can always win your living in cukoo land its accepting the losses without blinking an eye that helps you on your way to being a winning trader anger and chasing losses will send you to the poor house.i know been there!!


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